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Crochet Rules ;) February 28, 2012

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Doris’ Crochet Caveats:

Rule #1: No time spent crocheting is ever wasted.

Rule #2:  Keep track of your markers.

Rule #3:  That’s not a mistake, that’s a design element.

Rule #4:  There’s no such thing as too much yarn.

Rule #5:  There’s no crying in crochet.

Rule #6:  Never start a project without at least two hooks in the required size.

Rule #7:  No coffee within 10 feet of yarn, projects, patterns or critical paperwork.

Rule #8:  Block that puppy.

Rule #9:  If the hook is not moving easily and smoothly in and out of the stitches, you are crocheting too tightly.  Relax.

Rule #10:  If it hurts, stop.

Rule #11:  Check your work. Often.

Rule #12:  Seam crochet only when absolutely unavoidable.

Rule #13:  Cut yarn only when absolutely unavoidable (see special circumstance Rule #19).

Rule #14:  The private should look as good as the public.

Rule #15:  Whenever doable, obtain twice as much yarn as you think the project will require (a corollary to Rule #4).

Rule #16:  There is no right way or wrong way, but there is the way to get the same results as shown.

Rule #17:  Listen to the yarn.

Rule #18:  Yarn sometimes lies.

Rule #19:  Exterminate all knots and wonky sections as they arise from a skein.

Rule #20:  UFOs that have not spoken to you for more than a year may be considered stash in pre-crocheted form.

Rule #21:  Read the fracking pattern.

Rule #22:  The pattern could be wrong.

Rule #23:  Get it when you see it because when you come back next time it might not be there (another corollary to Rule #4).

Rule #24:  Life is too short to mess with indifferent yarn.

Rule #25:  Sweat the details.

Rule #26:  Crochet is not dumb and neither are crocheters.

Rule #27:  Knitting is not the enemy.

Rule #28:  Anyone who doesn’t get Rule #26 is the enemy.


Sign Language “I love you” applique January 8, 2012

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First attempt to crocheting a sign language "i love you" applique


Recent discoveries… January 7, 2012

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Recent discoveries….


Recent discoveries…

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I recently was searching for any crochet items. Trying to find something that no one has made before or there’s a small group of people making a certain something. Totally random searching.

Then a bulb went off in my head. Sign language crochet! I searched and searched and only found minimal pieces of work. I’m kind of surprised there isn’t much for it, using sign language is beautiful and to put it into a piece of art is even greater. When you use sign language to communicate, you’re good with your hands. FAST with your hands, so you’d think there would be more interest in the crochet, or even knitting.


I’ve got 3 hats and 2 scarves to finish and I think I am going to go on adventure and crochet sign language away.. Let’s see what happens. I’ll share my adventure. If anyone would like to help or show some support. FEEL FREE 🙂 – Crochet

Deaf Heart Crochet

Sign Language Crochet Applique


Winter Crochet to end 2011. Moving on!

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Deaf Coupons Galore Giveaway

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Deaf Coupons Galore is giving away coupons when they reach 75 fans, Check out their Facebook page!


Forever Momma Giveaways December 9, 2011

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Forever Momma has finally reached 100 likes on Facebook.

The giveaway has started today! So make sure you refer to the Forever Momma page on Facebook and follow the directions via the wall.

One boy and one girl will be lucky winners for a Iron On’s!
The boy Iron on is of a car and the girl Iron on is words written “Perfect just like Mommy”Check out Forever Momma’s Official Website for more information and photos.

Don’t miss out on the giveaway!!


Just before Christmas another giveaway will be announced so stay posted! Crafty Mama’s Korner is giving a product to Forever Momma to giveaway!