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Crochet Rules ;) February 28, 2012

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Doris’ Crochet Caveats:

Rule #1: No time spent crocheting is ever wasted.

Rule #2:  Keep track of your markers.

Rule #3:  That’s not a mistake, that’s a design element.

Rule #4:  There’s no such thing as too much yarn.

Rule #5:  There’s no crying in crochet.

Rule #6:  Never start a project without at least two hooks in the required size.

Rule #7:  No coffee within 10 feet of yarn, projects, patterns or critical paperwork.

Rule #8:  Block that puppy.

Rule #9:  If the hook is not moving easily and smoothly in and out of the stitches, you are crocheting too tightly.  Relax.

Rule #10:  If it hurts, stop.

Rule #11:  Check your work. Often.

Rule #12:  Seam crochet only when absolutely unavoidable.

Rule #13:  Cut yarn only when absolutely unavoidable (see special circumstance Rule #19).

Rule #14:  The private should look as good as the public.

Rule #15:  Whenever doable, obtain twice as much yarn as you think the project will require (a corollary to Rule #4).

Rule #16:  There is no right way or wrong way, but there is the way to get the same results as shown.

Rule #17:  Listen to the yarn.

Rule #18:  Yarn sometimes lies.

Rule #19:  Exterminate all knots and wonky sections as they arise from a skein.

Rule #20:  UFOs that have not spoken to you for more than a year may be considered stash in pre-crocheted form.

Rule #21:  Read the fracking pattern.

Rule #22:  The pattern could be wrong.

Rule #23:  Get it when you see it because when you come back next time it might not be there (another corollary to Rule #4).

Rule #24:  Life is too short to mess with indifferent yarn.

Rule #25:  Sweat the details.

Rule #26:  Crochet is not dumb and neither are crocheters.

Rule #27:  Knitting is not the enemy.

Rule #28:  Anyone who doesn’t get Rule #26 is the enemy.


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